The Righteous Academy School not only excels in today's compulsory subjects but is also currently ranked No.1 among Jhotwara's English Medium schools


The Righteous Academy is renowned as one of the Best Schools with Islamic education. Our ambience and objectives prioritize social norms, values, Islamic etiquettes, and behavior as per the Quran

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The Righteous Academy School not only excels in today's compulsory subjects but is also currently ranked No.1 among Jhotwara's English Medium schools.


We take pride in achieving the satisfaction of parents and leading in RTE forms. Moreover, we hold the top position in the Jhotwara location, earning Jaipur's trust with our results.

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Education is the Key to Jannah

We at Righteous Academy Jaipur are one of the Best schools in JHotwara Our Goal is to Educate India with the knowledge of life and the afterlife we Teach World Education in an Islamic environment we have the best facilities for teaching. our teachers are very professional in there field.

We have well-trained Hafiz ae Quran with Beautiful Makhraj.

English mediuam school with compulsory subjects.

Approximately 30 students per class, to facilitate better student-teacher relationships individual attention to students ventilated air cool and well-equipped classrooms, with green boards to facilitate students learning comfort and concentration: congregational prayers offered daily in the school by students.

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One of the best collections of children`s School books Healthy and Scientific Environment Social Games for childern

The More You Learn, the More You Grow With Our School

Educate Yourself, Educate Your Ummah is the main goal of our life Give your child the best education give them best school

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In the name of Allah

Righteous Academy School has been nurturing excellence since 2014, proudly holding the title of the number one school in Jhotwara. Join us, where education is not just a journey, it's a legacy.

In Islam, education is highly emphasized and considered a fundamental aspect of life. The Quran, the holy book of Islam, and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) highlight the importance of seeking knowledge and education.


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World Education

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January 26th republic day celebration photos added. A complete Muslim school with Arabic and Urdu being taught.


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There is no school like Righteous Academy in Jaipur It's a English and Arabic medium school.​

More than 500+ Parents have put their faith in us

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Righteous Academy School – Nurturing Excellence Since 2014

In the heart of Jhotwara, Jaipur, Righteous Academy School has been a beacon of academic and moral excellence since its establishment in 2014. With over 500 students, we proudly hold the title of the Best School In Jhotwara. Our commitment extends beyond traditional education. At Righteous Academy, we treat students like family, fostering a supportive environment for both academic and personal growth. Our exceptional faculty goes beyond teaching, serving as mentors for a holistic development journey. Blending Islamic teachings seamlessly with a robust curriculum, we prepare students not only for academic success but also for a life rooted in ethical values. Our alumni stand as testaments to the impact of our education, making significant contributions in various fields. As we celebrate our success, we look forward to the future, continually evolving to meet the needs of a changing world while staying true to our core values. Join us at Righteous Academy School, where education is not just a journey – it's a legacy. 🏫🌟

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